Acute Care Surgery: A Guide for General Surgeons

Acute Care Surgery: A Guide for General Surgeons
By:Velmahos, George; Gracias, Vicente; McKenney, Mark; Reilly, Patrick;
Pub Date:October 13th 2008
Format:Hardback 464 pages
ISBN:0071472908 / 9780071472906
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Main description

Sharpen your skills in 3 surgical specialties--with this one complete sourcebook

A Doody's Core Title for 2015!

"Thebook is easy to read, logical, insightful, and clearly meantfor practicing surgeons. Chapters are brief and suitablefor quick reading by the surgeon facing an emergency....Throughout, there is major emphasis onfigures and easy-to-follow diagnostic and managementalgorithms, which makes it easy for readers to grasp theessential message....I am certain that Acute Care Surgery: AGuide for the General Surgeon is destined to have a largereadership."--JAMA

"This book can be recommended for its well written chapters introducing generalists to principles of critical care. 3 Stars." Doody's Review Service

Acute Care Surgery: A Guide for the General Surgeon delivers a definitive overview of how to evaluate, stabilize, and perform surgeries for multiple emergent scenarios. Written by prominent surgeon educators, it takes you step-by-step from triage through the operation and concisely explains how to handle trauma, critical care, and emergency surgery situations. No other resource delivers such quick access to essential information prior to the procedure, helping to ensure optimal outcomes for the critically ill surgical patient.

Acute Care Surgery is written specifically to help you prepare during the narrow window of time between resuscitating the patient in the emergency room and the patient's admission to the operating room.


  • A multidisciplinary surgical companion covering the three specialties within acute care surgery--emergency surgery, surgical critical care, and trauma
  • A streamlined presentation that facilitates research and offers point-of-care insights that enhance surgical outcomes
  • Clinical chapter orientation, with headers that logically segment chapter material between preoperative, operative, and postoperative management
  • Management algorithms in all clinical chapters highlight and clarify important surgical procedures
  • Expert authorship from leaders in their respective disciplines provide the most clinically relevant, up-to-date approaches to acute care surgical problems

Table of contents

1. The Interface with Emergency Medicine, Munish Goyal, MD, FACEP, and David F. Gaieski, MD, FACEP
2. Patient Safety, Michael D. Crittenden, MD, and Shukri F. Khuri, MD
3. Emergency Management of the Oropharynx and Neck, Lenworth M. Jacobs, MD, MPH, and J.M. Kofi Abbensetts, MD
4. Emergency Chest Surgery, Claudia E. Goettler, MD, and Michael F. Rotondo, MD
5. Emergency Surgery for Stomach and Duodenum Injuries, Ronald Jou, MD, David A. Spain, MD, and Susan I. Brundage, MD, MPH
6. Nontraumatic Emergency Surgery of the Small Intestine, David H. Livingston, MD, and Chirag Badami, MD
7. The Colon, Thomas J. Schroeppel, MD, and Timothy C. Fabian, MD
8. The Rectum and Anus, Craig A. Reickert, MD, Sadaf Khan, MBBS, and Scott A. Dulchavsky, MD, PhD
9. The Liver, Elliott R. Haut, MD, David T. Efron, MD, and Edward E. Cornwell, III, MD
10.Biliary Surgery, Benjamin Braslow, MD, Ernest L. Rosato, MD, and Karen A. Chojnacki, MD
11. Pancreatic Emergency: Acute Pancreatitis, Marc de Moya, MD, and Andrew L. Warshaw, MD
12. The Spleen, Gary A. Vercruysse, MD, and David V. Feliciano, MD
13. The Acute Care Surgeon's Approach to Hernia Repair, Jay S. Jenoff, MD, and Vicente H. Gracias
14. Soft Tissue Infections, Sharon Henry, MD, and Thomas Scalea, MD
15. Traumatic Aortic Rupture, Thomas Abbruzzese, MD, Christopher J. Kwolek, MD, and Michael T. Watkins, MD
16. Arterial and Venous Occlusion, Benjamin M. Jackson, MD, and Edward Y. Woo, MD
17. The Extremities, Aaron Bransky, MD, Heidi Frankel, MD, and Larry Gentilello, MD
18. Pediatric Surgery, Nikunj S. Chokshi, MD, and Henri R. Ford, MD, and Jeffrey S. Upperman
19. Endpoints of Resuscitation: What Have We Learned? Frederick A. Moore, MD, and Bruce A. McKinley, PhD
20. Postoperative Pitfalls, K. Inaba, MD, and D. Demetriades, MD
21. General Evaluation and Resuscitation, Jason W. Smith, MD, Scott B. Armen, MD, and Larry C. Martin, MD
22. Nutrition and Venous Access, James H. Holmes, IV, MD
23. Antibiotic Selection, Philip S. Barie, MD, MBA, and Soumitra R. Eachempati, MD
24. Prophylaxis, Patricia A. O'Neill, MD, Lisa S. Dresner, MD, and Robert Schulze, MD
25. Analgesia and Sedation, Bryan A. Cotton, MD, and Addison K. May, MD
26. Ventilator Management, Nabil Issa, MD, and Lena M. Napolitano, MD
27. Trauma to the Head, Face, and Neck, Stephen C. Gale, MD, and Kenneth L. Mattox, MD
28. Thoracic Trauma, George D. Garcia, MD, and Juan A. Asensio, MD
29. The Abdomen, Michael E. Lekawa, MD, and David B. Hoyt, MD
30. The Pelvis, Sharmila Dissanaike, MD, and Gregory J. Jurkovich, MD
31. Spinal Cord Injury, Kimball I. Maull, MD, and Peter Letarte, MD
32. The Initial Care of the Burn Patient, Frederick W. Endorf, MD, Richard L. Gamelli, MD, and Frederick A. Luchette, MD


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