CorelDRAW X6 The Official Guide

CorelDRAW X6 The Official Guide
By:Bouton, Gary David;
Pub Date:August 14th 2012
Format:Paperback 864 pages
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ISBN:0071790071 / 9780071790079
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Main description

The only official guide to CorelDRAW--fully updated throughout to cover all the new features of the latest release

CorelDRAW X The Official Guide is the one-stop tutorial/reference for learning how to create gorgeous graphics for a variety of print and web uses. Veteran graphic designer and author Gary Bouton shows you how to use the new product features, and shows off beautiful graphics and techniques in this Corel-authorized guide. Packed with examples and techniques, this book delivers details no CorelDRAW user can afford to be without!

Ideal for beginners through experts getting started on the new release, the book explains how to install the software, use the illustration and drawing tools, work with text, apply colors, fills, and outlines, apply special effects, and work in 3D.

CorelDRAW X The Official Guide

  • Offers hundreds of tips, tricks, and shortcuts that show how to get the most out of product features, not just what the features do
  • Includes online access to 30+ video tutorials of hands-on instruction from the author, plus CorelDRAW native files, stock images for tutorials in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, custom typefaces designed by the author, and other useful starter pieces for learning CorelDRAW
  • Includes a full-color insert demonstrating results of various filters and effects
  • Provides a comprehensive CorelDRAW X reference as well as drawing tips and illustration techniques
  • Discusses print and web use and potential issues
  • Explains how to use PHOTO-PAINT, Corel's image-editing tool

Table of contents

Part 1 CorelDRAW X Essentials (3 Videos)
Chapter 1: What's New in CorelDRAW X
Chapter 2: Exploring Your Workspace
Chapter 3: Examining the Palettes, Cruising the Menus
Chapter 4: Navigation and Page Setup
Chapter 5: The X Test Drive
Part 2 Getting Started with CorelDRAW X5 (3 videos)
Chapter 6: Working with Single- and Multi-Page Documents
Chapter 7: Measuring and Drawing Helpers
Chapter 8: Creating Basic Shapes, Applying Transformations
Chapter 9: Arranging and Organizing Objects
Part 3: Working with Object Tools (6 videos)
Chapter 10: Using the Pen Tools
Chapter 11: Editing Objects (including PowerClipping objects)
Part 4: Working with Text (2 videos)
Chapter 12: Typography Rules and Conventions
Chapter 13: Working with Text
Chapter 14: Getting your Words Perfect
Part 5: Attributes for Objects and Lines (5 videos)
Chapter 15: Filling Objects
Chapter 16: Outline Attributes
Chapter 17: Digital Color Theory Put to Practice
Part 6: Creating the Illusion of 3D Objects (3 videos)
Chapter 18: Working with Perspective
Chapter 19: Extruding Objects
Part 7: Creating Special Effects (4 videos)
Chapter 20: Envelope and Distortion Effects
Chapter 21: Blends and Contours
Chapter 22: Lens Effects, Transparency, Shadows, Glows and Bevels
Part 8: The Bitmap Side of Corel Graphics Suite (5 videos)
Chapter 23: Bitmap Boot Camp: Working with Photographs
Chapter 24: Advanced Photographic techniques
Chapter 25: An Introduction to Photo-Paint
Chapter 26: special Effects with Photo-Paint
Part 9: Thinking Outside of the ToolBox (1 video)
Chapter 27: Printing: Professional Output
Chapter 28: Basic HTML Page Layout and Publishing
Bonus PDF
Chapter 29: Automating Tasks and Visual Basic for Applications


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