The Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Edition

The Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Edition
By:Keller, Paul; Pyzdek, Thomas;
Pub Date:May 13th 2014
Format:Hardback 704 pages
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ISBN:0071840532 / 9780071840538
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The most complete, current guide to Six Sigma

"Best practices in Six Sigma are continuously evolving, just as Six Sigma itself evolved from earlier best practices in quality improvement. ...This fourth edition...(features) expanded materials on innovation, strategic development, Lean, and constraint management. ...You'll notice many references to free online materials within the text, such as Excel file templates that can be used for analyzing projects, or videos that provide an in-depth narrative on specific topics. Additional links will be added over time to further extend the learning potential offered by the text, so be sure to regularly check back into the online site at" --From the Preface by Paul Keller

The Six Sigma approach is being used to vastly improve processes, profitability, sustainability, and long-term growth at global organizations of all sizes. Fully revised for the latest developments in the field, The Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Edition, reveals how to successfully implement this improvement strategy in your company.

The book explains how to define and deploy Six Sigma projects focused on key stakeholder requirements and carry out data-driven management. This comprehensive resource walks you through the phases of DMAIC and DMADV and demonstrates how to use the statistical tools and problem-solving techniques of Six Sigma with screenshots of Minitab and Excel applications.

The new edition has been updated to include:

  • Two online quizzes for Six Sigma certification, one for Green Belt candidates and one for Black Belt candidates
  • Links to five videos that walk you through specific processes, such as Minitab functions, statistical process control, and how to read a Pareto chart
  • Fully incorporated coverage of Lean methodologies

Find out how to select the right personnel to train, achieve technical proficiency, build the best teams, and foster effective leadership. Improve the quality of processes and products in your organization, increase customer satisfaction, and boost profits with help from this definitive guide to Six Sigma.

Written by two of the foremost authorities on the subject, this authoritative resource delivers all of the guidance you need to successfully implement Six Sigma. Comprehensive coverage includes:

  • Building the responsive Six Sigma organization
  • Recognizing and capitalizing on opportunity
  • Data-driven management
  • Maximizing resources
  • Project management using DMAIC and DMADV
  • The define phase
  • The measure phase
  • Process behavior charts
  • Measurement systems evaluation
  • The analyze phase
  • The improve/design phase
  • The control/verify phase

Table of contents

Part I: Six Sigma Implementation and Management

1.Building the Responsive Six Sigma Organization

2.Recognizing and Capitalizing onOpportunity

3. Data-Driven Management

4. Maximizing Resources

Part II: Six Sigma Tools & Techniques

5.Project Management Using DMAIC and DMADV

6. The Define Phase

7. The Measure Phase

8. Process Behavior Charts

9. Measurement Systems Evaluation

10.Analyze Phase

11.The Improve/Design Phase

12. Control/Verify Phase


Glossary of Basic Statistical Terms

Area Under the Standard Normal Curve

Critical Values of the t-Distribution

Chi-Square Distribtion

F Distribution

Poisson Probability Sums

Tolerance Interval Factors

Control Chart Constants

Control Chart Equations

Table of d Values

Factors for Short Run Control Charts

Sample Customer Survey

Process Levels and Equivalent PPM Quality Levels

Black Belt Effectiveness Certification

Green Belt Effectiveness Certification

AHP Using Microsoft Excel


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