Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives

Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives
By:Cavanaugh, Anese;
Pub Date:November 16th 2015
Format:Hardback 320 pages
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ISBN:1259584577 / 9781259584572
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A proven approach to corporate culture that's positively contagious

You are about to enter a new era of leadership. With more competiton, more connectedness, and more opportunities than ever before, this exciting new era demands a workplace culture that is collaborative, productive, energized, and contagious. A culture that encourages extraordinary growth and innovation. A culture that starts with you--showing up, setting the tone, and lighting the fire...

This book is about answering that call and setting yourself up for success.

It's about improving your leadership presence and your impact, not just on others but yourself.

It's about creating the space you need to share your vision, state your intention, and jump-start your team.

It's about working yourself over--from the inside out--so you can become the strong, effective, inspiring leader you know you can be.

This is Contagious Culture, a game-changing guide to transforming corporate culture from within, developed by the award-winning creator of The IEP Method to strengthen your "Intentional Energetic Presence." This is more than a leadership book--this is your future calling.

Award-winning organizational advisor Anese Cavanaugh reveals the secrets of IEP--Intentional Energetic Presence--for transforming your workplace and your life.

The key to any company's success lies in its culture. This game-changing guide shows you how to shape and revitalize this culture--by setting the tone, engaging the team, and creating a dynamic working environment that encourages growth, productivity, and innovation. It all starts with you...

Using the book's unique IEP Method, you can:

  • Be the kind of leader people want to follow--not have to follow
  • Craft your intention--and make a real impact
  • Unleash your energy--and watch it spread like wildfire
  • Unlock greater collaboration in your teams--and greater leadership in your people
  • Show up for Others--by setting yourself up for success
  • Bring out the best in everyone--including yourself
  • Create a contagious work culture that people want to catch!

With these proven step-by-step techniques, you can take control of the culture you work in and build a healthier, more functional environment--from the inside out. You'll find helpful transformative tools and exercises for improving collaborations, opening communications, and implementing changes. You'll discover the best methods for handling the toughest challenges, whether it's hiring and firing, strategizing and organizing, busyness or burnout. Best of all, you'll learn how to enhance your "Intentional Energetic Presence" (IEP) so you'll always be fully present, purposeful, and prepared to share your vision with infectious energy and enthusiasm.

Contagious Culture is so much more than a leadership guide. It's a complete cultural mind-shift that's not only exciting for you and your team--it's absolutely, positively contagious.

Anese Cavanaugh is an award-winning speaker, advisor, teacher, and thinking partner to some of today's most innovative organizations and business leaders. In addition to creating and teaching the IEP Method(R), she writes a regular "Showing Up" column on and contributes to other publications that include The Huffington Post and

Table of contents

FOREWORD by Duane Bray, Partner and Head of Global Talent, IDEO vii INTRODUCTION xi
REFLECTION: Putting IEP Into Practice xvii

PART 1 The Fundamentals of Showing Up
CHAPTER 1 Holding Your Fate 7
CHAPTER 2 You Are Contagious 21
CHAPTER 3 The Leadership Trifecta: Impact, Self-Care, and People-Care--You Need It All 39
CHAPTER 4 Showing Up with Intentional Energetic Presence 47
CHAPTER 5 Crafting Intention and Creating Impact 69

PART 2 Showing Up for You
CHAPTER 6 You, Yes, You: Engaging the Essential You 89
CHAPTER 7 Setting Yourself Up for Success: Physical and Environmental Energy 109
CHAPTER 8 Setting Yourself Up for Success: Mental and Emotional Energy 121
CHAPTER 9 Showing Up for Success: Vibrational Energy 135
CHAPTER 10 Showing Up for Success: Relational Energy 149

PART 3 Showing Up for Others
CHAPTER 11 Out-Gracing "Busy" and Burnout, and Other Leadership Optimizers 167
CHAPTER 12 Growing Leaders: It's All About the "Container" 179
CHAPTER 13 Life-Giving Engagements, Agreements, and Meetings 191

PART 4 Showing Up for Culture
CHAPTER 14 Organizational Needs for a Healthy Culture 209
CHAPTER 15 Creating a Culture People Want to Catch 225
CHAPTER 16 Hiring and Firing for the Energetic Good of All 235

PART 5 Showing Up Moving Forward
CHAPTER 17 Launching IEP in Your Organization 253
CHAPTER 18 Resources, Apps, Tools, and Secret Sauce Super Powers 271

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Gratitude in Motion 277


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